The Opusk Complex developed by Sonkim Land won five International Prestigious Awards

Monday, 05 June, 2023

Ho Chi Minh City, 31st May 2023 - SonKim Land, in partnership with Quoc Loc Phat, is proud to announce that the OpusK Complex has been recognized as the Five Star winner in five important categories at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2023. The development has been honored with awards for Apartment/Condominium Development, Residential High Rise Architecture, Residential High Rise Development, Office Development, and Office Architecture in Vietnam and was nominated for the Asia Pacific round.

Standing tall in the Thu Thiem skyline, the OpusK represents the final chapter of the remarkable architectural narrative of The Metropole Thu Thiem. This complex comprises an office tower, a mixed-use tower, and a commercial podium, embodying the pinnacle of contemporary metropolitan aesthetics while exuding a timeless allure.

The OpusK Complex, located on the Thu Thiem peninsula, embraces the shift in focus from Ho Chi Minh City's longstanding economic center, District 1, to the new CBD of Thu Thiem. Situated in Zone 1 - Thu Thiem's most prominent and strategically vital area - the OpusK is considered the “center of center”.

Designed by internationally renowned firms including Designcamp Moon Park from South Korea and Evocateurs from Singapore, the OpusK offers an environment that inspires a life of luxury, comfort, and repose. Moreover, the complex caters to the needs of business elites, providing an exceptional office experience and serving as a hub for their professional endeavors.

“We designed the OpusK Complex with a clear vision of Thu Thiem as the future international financial center and brought together the best concepts and talent to make it a reality. The OpusK Complex will deliver an all–encompassing world-class experiences, bringing luxury residence, shopping areas, office spaces and luxury boutique offices under just one project. At the OpusK, our customers are provided with everything that they need to Live, Work and Play with style,” remarks Mr. Caleb Lau, Managing Director, SonKim Land Development.

As a symbol of the emerging Thu Thiem metropolis, the OpusK Complex magnetizes discerning individuals from Vietnam and around the globe, offering an exclusive residential destination. Moreover, it presents an exceptional opportunity for both local family businesses and multinational corporations to establish their presence. This remarkable project underscores SonKim Land's visionary and pioneering role in infusing vibrancy into the new Thu Thiem area.


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