SonKim Land honored as the best Luxury Developer at Propertyguru’s Asia Property Awards 2023

Monday, 11 December, 2023
Ho Chi Minh City, December 7, 2023 - SonKim Land has proudly secured the coveted "Best Luxury Real Estate Developer" title at the prestigious PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2023. This remarkable recognition, following triumphs at the Vietnam Property Awards, firmly cements SonKim Land’s position as a prominent real estate developer in Vietnam, celebrated for it’s world-class projects.
Enduring rigorous assessments, SonKim Land has captivated the PropertyGuru international judging panel with standout projects, notably The OpusK at The Metropole Thu Thiem. Nestled in the heart of Thu Thiem Zone 1, The OpusK features a tower for offices and a complex tower housing the opulent The OpusK Residence, the exclusive The OpusK Luxury Boutique Office and a commercial area at its base. Among these, The OpusK Residence was honored with the “Best High-Rise Condo Development in Asia” while The OpusK Luxury Boutique Office distinguished itself by earning two awards as the “Best Boutique Mixed-Use Development in Asia” and the “Best Mixed-Use Architectural Design in Asia”.
‘In Asia, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is emerging as a city brimming with potential and substantial room for development. Particularly, the Thu Thiem area is set to become a premier financial center, a crucial driver for the development of HCMC and Vietnam. "HCMC is attracting the elite both locally and internationally thus real estate here needs to meet the demands of the global market. This is why SonKim Land creates projects adhering to international standards that align with the strategic vision and rapid pace of development in HCMC, one of the fastest-growing cities in Asia. We take great pride in the efforts of SonKim Land for The OpusK, a five-star project bearing a new symbol, embodying international essence in Thu Thiem, recognized by the international judging panel," shared Ms. Bui Thi Phuong Hien, CEO of SonKim Land.
The triumph of the "Best Luxury Developer" award not only solidifies SonKim Land’s standing in the international real estate market but also attests to its resilience and unwavering efforts in navigating the challenges of the local real estate landscape.
With over three decades of continuous growth, SonKim Land has firmly established itself as a trailblazing real estate developer in Vietnam. Its projects are not only a fusion of prime locations, innovative architecture and international construction standards but also exemplify rare originality in a fiercely competitive real estate market.
Looking ahead, SonKim Land is committed to further developing its exceptional workforce and collaborating with renowned partners worldwide to realize its vision of becoming a premier real estate developer in the region. This endeavor aims to deliver exceptional values to customers while contributing significantly to the sustainable development of the real estate market.

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