SonKim Land to elevate the brand identity - The key milestone of our tranformation

Tuesday, 15 September, 2020
In September 2020, SonKim Land announced the change in its brand identity for the first time since our establishment in 1993. This change has marked a dramatic transformation of SonKim Land in its development strategy, product scale, and customer segments after 27 years of development.  
Established in the early 90s of the 20th century, Son Kim in Kanji (Chinese character) means Gold in the Mountain. When gold is found in mountains, it is almost always in a pure state. Aiming to achieve premium and true values and committing to bringing quality products that capture the spirit of the business, SonKim Land's original logo was humbly designed with a minimal and modern style, sans-serif font. It was a harmonious combination of gray representing a professional working style and emphasizing aesthetic elements, and olive green representing sustainable development as well as a desire to contribute to the prosperity of the community.  
Over the years of development, with different strategies and fundamental factors that contributed to creating the brand value such as Heritage, Art, and Lifestyle, SonKim Land has decided to upgrade our brand identity and visualize those elements into the company's new brand identity, demonstrating the corporate's consistency in adhering to the fundamental elements on the journey of sustainable development in the Vietnamese market.  

Inspired by tropical leaves representing the vibrancy of life and the purity of nature, combined with the sophistication of curves, SonKim Land develops the forms that would represent visually the key elements:   
  •  The top and bottom edges of the logo reflect Art and Lifestyle.  
  •  These two merge in the center of the logo to create a tasteful and sophisticated curve that represents Heritage.  
  •  The three elements together form a delicate shape for “S”, which represents SonKim  
The outstanding earth gold represents brand identity, the icon reflects subtly the premium level and elegance as well as the solid foundation of SonKim Land. As a message to customers, the royal blue represents trustworthiness, integrity, and sharing as well as a statement affirming SonKim Land position as a transparent, trustworthy real estate developer that strives to provide the best experience to customers and commits to bringing value to the community.  
With the decision to renew the brand identity, SonKim Land is ready for a new arena, sustainable development, and affirmation of SonKim Land signature into every future project.   

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