SonKim Land ready to leapfrog through elevating brand identity

Monday, 28 September, 2020
SonKim Land has officially announced the new corporate brand identity, shifting tracks from the “Luxury Boutique” to the “SonKim Land Signature” strategy.
From Luxury Boutique
When a series of private real estate enterprises were established in the early 90s, in order to gain a foothold in the market, SonKim Land chose a different path with the “Luxury Boutique” model, also coined as “Limited Edition Residences”. Since the luxury segment still accounts for a relatively small market share, it is this unique strategy that has shaped SonKim Land’s identity and image in the Vietnamese real estate market.
Although it is a relatively new term in Vietnam, “Luxury Boutique” is a familiar and well-liked concept among the elite communities around the world. To be classified as a Luxury Boutique real estate, residential projects must meet three basic elements: (i) Exclusive scale, (ii) Prime location and (iii) Unique design, in addition to high construction quality and outstanding finish with high-class services. The target customer group of this product line is not only those with a strong financial background but also successful people with sophisticated aesthetics and desire to own an artistic living space.
With a deep understanding of the culture, leisure habits, and lifestyle of target customers, as well as the excellent cooperation with local and foreign experts, SonKim Land has left a strong impression on Vietnam's real estate market with famous projects such as Gateway Thao Dien, The Nassim, and Serenity Sky Villas.
Original values
SonKim Land’s development strategy was instrumental in achieving its current position. Preserving and promoting the fundamental pillars ​​that have contributed to making a difference, SonKim Land always adheres to three core elements: Heritage, Art, and Lifestyle.

With the experience and skills accumulated throughout three generations of hard work, planning, and a deep understanding of the market, the Heritage element is a solid foundation that makes SonKim Land reliable, visionary, and more successful, as recognized by a series of prestigious local and international awards.

Possessing sophisticated style and aesthetics, highlighting design details to ensure the best living experience for customers, each project developed by SonKim Land has its own unique Art element.

Harmoniously combining Heritage and Art, SonKim Land creates a community with a modern Lifestyle, not only offering the best living or working experiences to all our customers but also helping to make a statement of their status.

SonKim Land Signature
After nearly three decades, SonKim Land developed a 7.6-hectare project at the core of the new international financial centre called The Metropole Thu Thiem, marking a step away from its Luxury Boutique strategy.

With a prime location, excellent connections to District 1 and the central business district, and unique design forming a lifestyle community, The Metropole Thu Thiem has drawn the attention of the market and exceeded expectations with all apartments being reserved right at the launching events of the first two phases.
To mark this milestone, SonKim Land decided to change its development strategy, through renewing the company's brand identity. From a real estate developer in the Luxury Boutique segment, through years of development with the elements that form its brand value, this strategy has become the “SonKim Land Signature” that will be the guiding star for its future projects where unique design and prime location will create distinction regardless of scale or segment.

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