The Opera Residence – iconic architecture creates timeless masterpiece

Friday, 17 July, 2020
As the third masterpiece of The Metropole Thu Thiem, The Opera Residence features perfect harmony with the poetic Saigon River with musical inspiration from the new Opera House. This will be an iconic architectural highlight of the entire Ho Chi Minh City vista.
The ripples of Saigon River silently carrying the memories of the city over the centuries and the beautiful melodies taking wings from the Opera House have been the inspiration for the architectural design of The Opera Residence. It is a scenic spot embraced by the spacious and airy scenery of the Saigon River front, towering above the vibrant new urban area in the back, with soft background symphony from the Opera House.

It is also the only place where nature, time, and humans meet in the beautiful symphony of life. Therefore, The Opera Residence is not only a place to live, it is an inspiring space to nourish the soul, pamper all senses, cherish every beautiful moment in life, and preserve memories for future generations.
The architectural design of The Opera Residence was inspired by nature, the surrounding river, and music

A mirror reflecting the movements and colours of life
Embraced by the calm Saigon River and located at the intersection between nature and dynamic urban life, The Opera Residence blends into its surroundings yet stands apart as a beautiful artwork with its entire exterior designed to reflect colour and light.
Aside from taking the breath away, the glass wall design at The Opera Residence matches international-standard sustainable construction criteria

The glass wall design of the facade emanates calmness akin to the steady, infinite flow of the Saigon River. Meanwhile, the mirrors capture each fleeting instant of and burst of colour, pulsing with the beat of Ho Chi Minh City’s exciting life. "The use of glass in the facade design allows clearer vision from the internal spaces and for natural light to light up the living spaces,” Jiann Woei, director of DP Architects and lead designer of The Opera Residence shared.
The 20 per cent reflectivity of the glass wall has been carefully calculated to both bring a unique design and reduce the glare of the strong sun inside the apartments as well asto limit negative effects on visibility, architecture, and transportation in the area.
In addition, to comply with sustainable construction requirements, the planning by Sasaki (USA) – a planning consultant for Thu Thiem New Urban Area – double glass with argon gas between the layers has been used for the whole project to take advantage of natural light, while soundproofing, reducing heat, and saving energy costs for the building.
Dancing balcony
A unique dancing balcony system ensures ample light and air for each apartment
Unlike conventional projects where the inward-facing apartments are unable to enjoy good views and wind flows, at The Opera Residence, a unique balcony layout was designed to address these drawbacks. The balconies on each floor are asymmetrically arranged, with the inward apartments tapering out, helping to ensure that all apartments can have a river view. This smart architectural design is not only aesthetic, showcasing the uniqueness and attractiveness of the living space, but also creates natural ventilation and lighting, giving residents the opportunity to enjoy the fresh atmosphere, sunshine, river view, and the dynamic and bustling city center.
The Opera Residence is itself a symphony composed with top-range architecture, the quintessence of music, and the profound experience, where the sounds of the symphony create the space, landscape, and tell the stories of the architect.

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