"Hoi Tu" Week in Thu Duc City, accompanied by SonKim Group, is set to become the most attractive destination for the upcoming new year

Wednesday, 20 December, 2023
From vibrant sunflower fields and breathtaking fireworks displays to explosive performances of the countdown night, exceptional culinary delights, and exhilarating experiences like hot air ballooning and paragliding, the Experiential Arts and Culture Week "Hoi Tu" in Thu Duc City is poised to become a fresh cultural and artistic destination of the city, offering residents and tourists alike impressive experiences and opportunities to explore and embrace the beauty of the city in the final days of the year.
Running from December 23, 2023, to January 1, 2024, residents and tourists in Ho Chi Minh City will have the chance to engage in a series of unique and lively activities during the Experiential Arts and Culture Week named "Hoi Tu" in Thu Duc City. Hosted in the Saigon Riverside Park overlooking the Thu Thiem peninsula, this series of spectacles to usher in the New Year promises to deliver the most memorable and exciting experiences as the year draws to a close.
Under the leadership of the City People's Committee in Thu Duc, supported by strategic sponsor SonKim Group, the "Hoi Tu Thu Duc" Week is poised to present a lively and vibrant cultural, entertainment, and community celebration for both residents and visitors. Aptly named "Hoi Tu," the event serves as an open invitation for all to come together in Thu Duc, a gathering place of richness, diversity, and harmonious sights and sounds. Furthermore, the name encapsulates the identity and allure of this Eastern city, a locale brimming with contemporary vitality and a blend of cultural heritage values.
Ms. Bui Thi Phuong Hien, CEO of SonKim Land and Representative of SonKim Group, expressed: "Thu Duc City Experiential Arts and Culture Week not only promotes modern, civilized, and creative values but also pays tribute to the cultural heritage and traditional values of Thu Duc City. Heritage has consistently been a cherished aspect for SonKim Group over its three decades of operation. It serves as a common ground and a significant source of motivation for SonKim Group to collaborate with the Thu Duc City government in creating a distinctive and meaningful event, offering unforgettable experiences to both locals and tourists during the Tet season and into the arrival of spring."
Embark on a series of vibrant and enchanting experiences, symbolized by the sunflower, the emblem of Thu Duc City.
Kicking off the Thu Duc City Experiential Arts and Culture Week is the grand opening of Sunflower Park, featuring a welcoming performance by over 3,000 students from Thu Duc City. Sunflowers, chosen as the city's symbol, embody the continuous, forward-looking development of this youthful city. The image also conveys a message of optimism, urging the community to contribute to the creation of a civilized, modern, and compassionate city.
Attendees of the Thu Duc City Experiential Arts and Culture Week can engage in a variety of activities, including hot air ballooning, paragliding, kite flying, participation in a week filled with musical performances, explore exquisite cuisine, and thrilling sports activities. Notably, captivating check-in locations capturing the panoramic views of Thu Thiem urban area and the Saigon River add an irresistible allure to the overall experience of the "Hoi Tu Thu Duc" week, making it even more appealing to the visitors.
The youthful city is set to ignite with the Countdown Fest and fireworks at The Metropole Thu Thiem
As the pinnacle of the "Hoi Tu" extravaganza, the Countdown Fest New Year's celebration, unfolding at the square in front of The Metropole Thu Thiem on the evening of December 31, 2023, promises to ignite the entire city with excitement amidst music, fireworks, and special performances from renowned guest singers and artists. In the festive atmosphere of welcoming the New Year, The Metropole Thu Thiem area will provide nearly 40,000 attendees with an ideal vantage point to witness the dazzling fireworks display against the stunning backdrop of Ba Son Bridge and the Saigon River, bringing visitors an unforgettable moment to welcome an exhilarating new year filled with joy, health, and good fortune.
A new hub for monumental cultural and community events in Ho Chi Minh City
"Hoi Tu" Week was envisioned to transform Thu Duc City into a captivating cultural center and destination, inviting all community members to engage in the vibrant essence of this dynamic and creative city. This year, in collaboration with SonKim Group, Thu Duc City introduced the inaugural annual running race named Son Kim Thu Duc City Run 2023. Attracting over 4,000 participants of all ages and backgrounds, the race provided a unique platform for sports enthusiasts and community bonding, further underscoring the city's remarkable appeal and immense potential.
Aligned with Thu Duc city's shared vision, SonKim Land (a luxury real estate developer under SonKim Group) has actively contributed to shaping the modern and dynamic persona of Thu Duc City through signature real estate projects such as The Metropole Thu Thiem, The Gateway Thao Dien, The Berkley, and The 9 Stellars.
Notably, The Metropole Thu Thiem, serving as the prime vantage point for witnessing the spectacular "Hoi Tu" countdown, stands as a symbolic project, reflecting SonKim Land's dedication to establishing Thu Thiem as a dynamic international financial center and fostering it as a hub for large-scale community events in Thu Duc City and Ho Chi Minh City.

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