Experience the melody of space at The Opera Residence

Wednesday, 08 July, 2020

Adjacent to the Opera House – a new iconic work of the city – The Opera Residence brings you a rhythmic life, reflected in architectural design, landscaping, and interior space to pamper your emotions every day.

Giai điệu biến hóa trên nền kiến trúc tinh tế

Inspired by the Saigon River and the symphonies of the Opera House, The Opera Residence was designed with a sophisticated touch using reflective materials that capture the colourful and light movements of space and time. Walking on the pedestrian bridge connecting District 1 and Thu Thiem, enjoying the fresh breeze from the Saigon River, passers-by will certainly stop by to admire The Opera Residence rising above the vista.
Viewed from afar, the two towers of The Opera Residence seem to be blended to the surrounding space. From closer up, the façade comes alive with soft curves, bringing a spot of lively rhythm into the calm cityscape.

The impressive facade of The Opera Residence

The inward-facing units taper out gently into the courtyard, giving all apartments at The Opera Residence spectacular views of the Saigon River and District 1. The Unique "Dancing balcony" was intentionally arranged as not only an aesthetic detail, but as a smart design choice ensuring ventilation and natural light, while bringing a beautiful view to each apartment.

New rhythms of interior design

As the first residential project in Vietnam to bring a new experience of Touchless – Dustless – Private wellness, The Opera Residence creates a new interior trend in modern space.
The "Touchless" concept not only makes visitors and residents feel welcome from the lobby to the doors of individual apartments but is also a safety solution limiting contact in public. The biometric identification system will identify residents right at the lobby, automatically calling the lift and selecting their floor, ensuring absolute safety even as health and security concerns increase in the world around.

Air purification system ensures 99.9 percent cleaner and fresher for the living space

The "Dustless" concept with a central air purification system consisting of three layers of coarse dust filter, deodorising, antibacterial, and micro dust filters, as well as international-standard HEPA filters is applied for the first time in Vietnam. As a result, the air will always be filtered and ventilated, ensuring air purity of up to 99.9 percent.

In addition, The Opera Residence pioneers the concept of "private wellness" – balanced living in a private space. With the smart shower system, the combination of water, light, and music will help residents find Zen moments in their private space by selecting the water levels and customising the lighting, and playing the music of their choice via a Bluetooth audio system.

“Private wellness” concept with smart shower system

These new values will bring unique rhythms, creating sublime moments in the greater symphony of The Opera Residence.

Harmony between 4.0 technology and landscaping

At The Opera Residence, the combination of high-tech 4.0 amenities and landscape brings a harmonious and balanced life to homeowners.

4D sensing technology is utilised in the project to detect human movement and monitor use

The Opera Residence Symphony is more complete with music following every detail of the landscape design: “The keyboard” promenade, wind chime garden, or “The concerto” central garden will bring nature closer and recharge residents with positive energy and inspiration.

In addition, residents can also enjoy a lot of modern amenities: an impressive pool series, modern gym with professional personal trainers, golf simulator, and more. Smart Community Mobile Solution on Smart Mobile 4.0, implemented by Highgate – the property management company by SonKim Land – with outstanding features such as counting the number of users at the gym via 4D sensing to detect human movement, booking for BBQ, golf, and visitor management. At The Opera Residence, every day is the best experience. Melodies from architecture, landscaping, or interior tie into an artistic and energetic living space. A new rhythm of life awaits in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s "Wall Street" at The Opera Residence.

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