SonKim Land donates 4 billion vnd to the "for the poor" fund at Thu Duc Golf Open 2023

09 Sep 2023
In early September, SonKim Land proudly served as a key sponsor for the 2nd Thu Duc Open Golf Tournament. Embracing the event's theme of "Building a Civilized, Modern, and Empathetic Thu Duc City," SonKim Land contributed 4 billion VND to the "For the Poor" Fund under the Central Committee the Vietnam Fatherland Front.

The 2nd Thu Duc Open Golf Tournament drew participation from over 280 golfers representing 70 clubs nationwide. The event featured an impressive Hole In One prize pool valued at 40 billion VND, including a 5 – billion VND prize sponsored by SonKim Land.

The entirety of these funds will be dedicated to charitable and social initiatives aimed at assisting individuals facing adversity and supporting the enhancement of technical infrastructure within Thu Duc City with the aim of elevating the quality of life for its residents.

As a real estate developer with an unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of life, SonKim Land consistently embraces social responsibility, endeavoring to collaborate with the Thu Duc City government to cultivate a more sustainable, innovative, and distinctive community.
In addition to sponsoring the Thu Duc Open Golf Tournament, this year on Vietnam’s National Day, September 2nd, SonKim Land also supported the SonKim City Thu Duc City Run, a community event with the goal of promoting eco-friendly and healthy living within the community while establishing an exciting annual sports festival at the new administrative hub of Thu Thiem. Stay tuned for more meaningful and engaging community activities in the future by following SonKim Land on Facebook!