SonKim Land continues to support poor students in Quang Ngai provinces

13 Apr 2021

SonKim Land in collaboration with Quang Ngai News supported primary school repair and awarded 33 scholarships to poor students who were heavily affected by floods with a total value of 1 billion VND. 

After the floods at the end of 2020, the education sector in the central provinces and cities focused on overcoming the consequences of natural disasters, cleaning schools and classrooms, stabilizing the psychology of teachers and students to continue teaching and learning. However, with heavy damages caused by storms and floods, the education path of students in Central Vietnam, especially in flash floods and landslides areas where learning was already difficult, are now facing more obstacles. To help motivate the students to continue their education and bring a safe school to study, SonKim Land decided to support repairing one primary school and offer 33 scholarships to disadvantaged students to help them continue their study, have enough knowledge to contribute to the family and society in the future. 

Mr. Andy Han Suk Jung, CEO of SonKim Land shared, “The hard situation of the pandemic last year could not prevent us from continuing corporate social responsibility activities because we know that many difficult areas need us at the moment.”  

In Quang Ngai province, after many heavy floods, Hanh Thinh primary school suffered from heavy damage: many classrooms were severely degraded with leaking roofs, permeable walls, flooded schoolyard, dilapidated fence, which results in unsafe learning conditions for them. As part of SonKim Land's efforts in joining hands to help the school overcome the consequences of storms and floods, SonKim Land decided to donate 700 million VND to support the repair of Hanh Thinh primary school, contributing to helping the students in having a stable study place, creating conditions to build good facilities for them. 

In addition, SonKim Land also awarded 33 scholarships with a total value of 300 million VND for disadvantaged students in Quang Ngai province, in which: 05 scholarships with 04 million VND each, for 5 poor students at Hanh Thinh primary school, and 28 scholarships with 10 million VND each for disadvantaged students in Quang Ngai province. These scholarships will be awarded to students who lost their family members to the disaster last October, have families severely affected (losing their homes, properties, livelihoods), in a multi-child family, and are in a disadvantaged situation but have not received any support.  

As a professional real estate developer with nearly 30 years of establishment and development, SonKim Land always strives to build and contribute to the community with corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities such as building charity houses, donating funds to develop together with the community and towards better values in life.  

In 2020, SonKim Land has actively implemented activities to share and help many difficult situations, bring joy and create favorable conditions for the community to develop through meaningful programs such as Sustainable Village, Volunteer building event in Dong Thap province, participating in charity fundraising event Saigon Children, Full Moon Festival Night 2020 at Ly Thanh Tong Secondary School (District 8, HCMC), Property Insight, etc. SonKim Land's efforts in community development have been recognized with the Special Certificate of CSR award for 2 consecutive years from the Vietnam Real Estate Awards 2019, 2020.