CEO of SonKim Land as a panelist at the Forbes Vietnam – Real estate conference 2020: Rising above the headwinds

12 Nov 2020
Honored to be one of the eight panelists of the Forbes Real Estate Conference 2020: Rising above the headwinds, the session on 'Agility factor', Mr. Andy Han Suk Jung - CEO of SonKim Land shared about how to overcome difficulties and stand firm in the insecure situation of the property market recently. ‘Crisis can make us feel fearful and uncertain, but we can turn a crisis into an opportunity. When tough times passed, we will have more competitive advantages than other competitors in the market as well as own more market share’. 

As an annual event organized by Forbes Vietnam, the Real Estate Conference 2020 gathers leading experts in the real estate industry, provides an overview of the market, key factors affecting each of the current segments as well as long-term impacts on the market. With two panel discussions about ‘The Agility factor’ and ‘Building livable cities’, the conference provided updated market information and real estate investment trends and prospects of the real estate market in the next year, especially in the residential segment.