SonKim Land Commits That The Construction Progress Of The Gateway Thao Dien Is On Schedule

Thursday, 14 September, 2017

Respect of recovery of the land area owned by Mrs. Truong's family had made lawfully with the sufficient authorization and properly followed procedures under the laws, which was the legal basis for Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee to allocate such land to SonKim Land.

According to Mr. Andy Suk Jung Han, Managing Director of Residential Group in Son Kim Land, the decision of the appellate court has clarified the nature of the disputes between Mrs. Truong’s family and People’s Committee of District 2 which prolonged many years. So far, even though participating in the lawsuit only as a party with related rights and obligations, SonKim Land has been suffering due to the prolonged settlement progress of the lawsuit. However, thanks to the prestige of the developer, the commitment and endorsement on the quality of the constructions, as well as the unique design of the project, SonKim Land is still trusted and supported by customers. “The construction progress is on schedule. Customers purchasing apartments in Gateway Thao Dien shall be granted apartment ownership certificates in accordance with the law”, Mr. Andy Suk Jung Han affirmed.

Gateway Thao Dien project is located at the central of Thao Dien ward, with 3 sides bounded by the Saigon River, next to Ha Noi Highway and close to An Phu Metro Train Station (Station No. 7) of the Metro Route No.1 which is being constructed. Thanks to these factors, residents of the project are able to move easily to the other areas through the synchronized systems of transport infrastructures. The projects provides 439 luxurious apartments, 85 serviced apartments and 22 super luxurious apartments. The apartments are designed harmoniously in which living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens are connected uninterruptedly to establish spacious and luxurious common rooms.

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