Thu Thiem 2 Bridge – Connecting the investment rhythm to elevate the position of The Opera Residence

Friday, 10 December, 2021

On September 2nd 2021, Thu Thiem 2 bridge was completed, connecting the Thu Thiem peninsula with the CBD. Possessing a super-prime location next to the Saigon River - an area where key infrastructure had been invested on a big scale in District 2 with Thu Thiem 2 bridge as the focal point - The Metropole Thu Thiem's components are completed, forming a romantic cityscape with the unique features of a vibrant and exemplary riverside sub-urban.

Thu Thiem 2 Bridge – Connecting the investment rhythm to elevate the position of The Opera Residence


The golden position at the Thu Thiem pedestrian bridges, where heritage values ​​are connected


In harmony with the completion of Thu Thiem 2 Bridge is the shape of The Opera Residence, the most beautiful component of The Metropole Thu Thiem. Possessing a breathtaking view of the generous Saigon River and Bach Dang Park, the modern beauty of the Opera Theater, this high-class living space is shaping in the heart of the new Wall Street of the East Saigon.




Located in the arc of Thu Thiem peninsula, The Opera Residence is owing to the similarity of Huangpu river connecting the East and West banks of a prosperous Shanghai. Like a silk strip, The Saigon River brings contrasting colors to its banks. The river's east bank is a new urban area with modern architectural, cultural spaces such as Opera Theater, City Convention Center, Central Plaza, Riverside Park. Just a few steps away from the pedestrian bridge, the other side of the river is an ancient Saigon containing heritage values ​​with Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Notre Dame Cathedral, City Post Office, Opera House.


A place for you to feel the non-stop movement of a new city


Bearing the resemblance of a prosperous Pudong with the proud Bund or the modern Nanpu bridge connecting the East and West banks, Thu Thiem New Urban Area will be a place to attract domestic and foreign corporations and businesses. Meanwhile, the pedestrian bridge connecting with Nguyen Hue and Dong Khoi pedestrian streets will make The Metropole Thu Thiem an ideal rendezvous for sightseeing, shopping, and entertainment.




Thanks to its unique riverside location adjacent to the center of District 1, The Metropole Thu Thiem both retains the natural beauty of the river and brings the breath of modern life alongside top-notch architectural style. At the Vietnam Property Awards 2021 held on November 26th 2021, The Opera Residence by SonKim Land won the ‘Best Ultra Luxury Condo Architectural Design’ and ‘Best Luxury Developer’ awards.


In addition, in June 2021, The Opera Residence also won a ‘hat-trick’ with three prestigious 5-star awards, including Best Residential High Rise Architecture Vietnam, Best Residential High Rise Development Vietnam, Best Apartment / Condominium Vietnam at Asia Pacific Property Awards – Asia – Pacific Real Estate Awards 2021.


In addition to the aforementioned prestigious awards, a paradise of high-class facilities - from a gym with modern equipment, yoga - pilates room, hydrotherapy massage bathtub, children's water play area, simulated golf course, BBQ area, riverside park, shops, restaurants with bustling pedestrian streets to a system of hospitals and health care centers and international standard schools... will bring the most memorable living experiences for the owners of The Opera Residence.


Among the fourth compounds for the wealthy residents in the area where used to be called District 2 - Thu Thiem, Thao Dien, Thanh My Loi and An Phu - Thu Thiem is positioned as the best in the high-end and luxury real estate segment thanks to its super-prime location - just away from District 1 by the tunnel crossing the Saigon River and new bridges. Savvy investors always understand that, in the context of depleted riverside land bank, it is not easy to own a property in a super-prime area like Thu Thiem New Urban Area, especially when the property possesses a breathtaking river view and an exclusive trade gateway location, connecting the center of District 1 and Thu Duc City.


This advantage makes The Opera Residence unique compared to other projects in the same segment. Owning an apartment at The Opera Residence can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which reflects the owner's lifestyle while maximizing the long-term value of the investment.


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