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Wednesday, 14 October, 2020

As the foundation nurturing the three elements of Heritage - Art - Lifestyle that SonKim Land has maintained for nearly three decades, sustainability is something the company always strives to keep in any activity or any field. And this is reflected right in the new identity of SonKim Land.  

Inspired by nature, the green background of tropical leaves represents the vibrancy of life and the purity of nature. The image expresses the desire to contribute more value to life as well as transparency in all activities of SonKim Land. Three pieces forming the letter S on the green background represent three key elements: Heritage, Art & Lifestyle.      

For SonKim Land, sustainability is not only shown through the business achievements and the love of customers for the company thanks to its smart strategy and visionary leadership team. It is also our contribution to the community for mutual development and towards better values in life.  

 SonKim Land’s new identity implies many meanings behind  
Commitment to long-term community development with a different orientation  

After many years of commitment to corporate social responsibility activities (CSR) by donating for house repair and supporting charity funds, it’s time for SonKim Land to transform the way we do CSR from now on. Not only providing financial support, but we have also chosen a different approach that is more in line with our core values: sustainability, difference, and creativity.    

Sustainability: In any project, we want to support the community comprehensively to magnify the impact of the project in the long run. That means we consider how every area of their life can improve as a whole.   

Difference: We not only initiate and sponsor but also accompany every step of our CSR projects to make sure the deliverables for the supported communities are of high quality and sustainable.  

Creativity: Apart from the different approach, each project also brings with it a certain concept that is easy to remember and impress upon people. We name it and turn each CSR project into a creative asset.  

Different from the ground up with CSR projects  

Sustainable Village and Property Insight are the first two long-term projects initiated by SonKim Land in the new direction set by the company. Although the two projects belong to two completely different fields, together, they have the same purpose to bring the community useful and long-term values.  

As a real estate developer, SonKim Land always wants every family to have at least one safe and decent place to live. Therefore, the first project titled 'Sustainable Village' will help solve many difficulties, especially housing issues in Hung Thanh commune, Thap Muoi district, Dong Thap province. Cooperating with the international NGO Habitat in Vietnam, the project aims to build a strong community that is ready to respond to natural disasters and climate change with stable housing, can access clean water and sanitation, and participate in awareness-raising training.  

In addition, to ensure sustainability, instead of supporting 100% of the house construction cost, the project decides to only finance partially, the family will contribute a part and get a loan for the remaining amount. With this model, households will be more responsible for their house and the loan amount will be rotated to support new households. That's how SonKim Land makes a difference.  

The scene of running away from the flood in the rainy season is now just a thing of the past  

Starting from December 2019, the project is going to the final stage of Phase 1 with 26 households being supported to build new houses, repair or build toilets, and receiving the training on clean water sanitation and household financial management. With these achievements, the second phase of the project will expand to a number of new areas such as livelihood support or training to improve knowledge of clean water and sanitation in schools in the hope that not only parents can improve the income, but the children can also gain knowledge through 'Sustainable Village'.  

Experts share comments on the topic Livable City (Episode 3 - Season 1)  

Property Insight is an extremely unique CSR project that SonKim Land is proud to be the originator and sponsor. This is an intensive information channel on real estate that provides accurate statistics and analysis, multi-dimensional perspectives from experts in various fields. The program dedicates to a transparent real estate market in which every member has enough information and capacity to make decisions. 

The program always tries to choose the latest topics or trends that viewers are interested in to update information promptly such as smart home, global economy or proptech... Both SonKim Land customers and anyone interested in real estate can find useful information from the program. After nine episodes in Season 1, the show received a lot of positive feedback not only from audiences but also from experts in the industry.  

The program is a typical example of SonKim Land's different mindset when doing CSR to increase knowledge for the community and better values in life. 

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